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The stunning Scottish Highlands are what brought me to photography. Although nature remains the main driver of my passion for photography, urban landscapes fascinate me almost to a similar degree. When first confronted with Glasgow, for instance, I pictured a grim post-industrial metropolis. In reality, Glasgow is a gem of 19th century architecture without being as overcrowded by tourists as its shiny neighbour Edinburgh. The Guardian even argues that Glasgow is one of the reasons for Scotland being voted as the most beautiful country in the world (Guardian 2017). Just at it is recommnded in their article, walk to the cosmopolitan West End (or take a ride in one of the world's oldest subway systems) and admire what is the tallest university building in the United Kingdom: the gothic spire of the University of Glasgow.

Another city that probably deserves more international attention is Bremen. Take a look at the map below to see which cities are featured on this page.

Below is a selection of pictures taken in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Hungary. The selection will be updated frequently to feature different European cities.

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